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Bike Sizing

Enjoy a More Comfortable Ride

Finding the perfect size and style of bike is critical so that you can enjoy each bike ride. Our team is here to help, whether you’re purchasing a new bike or would like to be more comfortable on your current bike. Bike sizing is free with any new bike!

Before you go out the door with your new bike, we'll provide a preliminary fit. After a few weeks of riding, come back for a free follow-up fit to address any issues that may come up as you spend more time on your bicycle. Schedule in advance and please allow 30-60 minutes.

Let Us Fit Your Current Bike or Trike

Ben's Bikes can make a huge difference in your riding comfort and efficiency with a complete bike or trike fit. Our sizing includes saddle selection and saddle height, handlebar selection and stem adjustments, and cleat adjustments.

Bring your bicycle, cycling shoes, shorts, and a helmet for your bike sizing, and please allow 60 minutes for your appointment.

Schedule your sizing in advance by calling us at 360-683-2666 or emailing us at