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OnGuard Min Pin Locking Skewer Set (3-Piece)
Keep your wheels, seatpost, and saddle locked up tight everywhere you go with OnGuard's Locking Skewer Set. They use an innovative patented lock system to prevent the QRs from opening unless the bike is tilted over 90 degrees from level. Simply lock your bike with the wheels attached so that it can't be tipped more than 90 degrees. To unlock, tip your bike past 90 degrees and open the QR levers.
OnGuard Boxer Disc Lock #8054
OnGuard's Boxer Disc Lock #8054 is a stapler-style disc lock featuring their Touch Lock System for convenient one-hand operation. - Pick, pull, and drill resistant M-Cylinder locking mechanism - Larger, 8mm (0.32") hardened steel pin secures lock to disc - Includes disc reminder cable and carrying pouch - Security Rating: 60/100
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